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May 5th, 2011,
Well it sure has been a hectic ride as we have had legal technicalities and roadblocks with our expansion, so for now, we are concentrating more on our pride and joy, here on this site.. So please forgive us for not really doing much at all with our homepage and web design, we just had to clear some things out and adjust some major and some minor things on our name and site.. Well folks, it's time for us to aggressively expand in many aspects. Our leads, tips and research are our most important and valuable asset, so please people, please keep them coming!!!! We need you, the viewers more than ever right now with anything you can help with... We figure it this way, if we generate enough "buzz" on here with our biggest benefactor , Topix, then we can expand to youtube, twitter, and all of the other forms and varieties. And with enough financial donations, we can register our own domain so it is easier to find us, and we look more legitimate when we stand up to our peers.. So PLEASE DONATE TODAY!!!  it is very easy, and scam free (duh).. We do all that we can in regards to these predators who have been having a field day especially on Topix and beyond.. Please feel free to contact us ( ( on our two TOP  moderators... CONTRIBUTE TODAY!!!!
Thanks as always

April 7th, 2011,
Hello guys, I know most of you have asked me "
whats going on?? we havent seen much activity in the past week or so"
well were glad that you asked,, we haver been busy working our jobs, maintaining our social lives and also juggling the tedious task of maintaining and researching for our website all at the same time.. We have some great news..
expect that here in about a month or so,, so please be patient!!
ALSO, We are going to start up a mailing list for news, updates, and much more!! So, please keep an eye out for that as well. We also wanted to thank all of our fans, patrons, and contributors for helping so much!! we could not fully express our gratitude.. THANK YOU!!!
So, you will see more updates in the coming weeks, as we have a new and interesting lineup of scammers planned to appear on the ONLINE SCAMMERS LIST.. so please watch out for that as well. We still need your help!! Any information or tips that you may have will be reviewed and we will respond.. ALSO , if you desire to make a financial contribution, please fill out the form on CONTRIBUTE.. Thank you for your time and consideration!!!

March 26th 2011
Well we had alot of submissions, for that we are all grateful. Thank you again. We have added two more people WITH PICTURES!! and was able to get a third!! only thanks to great detective work,and most importantly, the people who took the time to look into these people themselves.. samuel3546 will return on monday, so he will most definitely be VERY pleased!! He was talking about a "mailing list" before he left and is in the works, please stay tuned to that as well.. More scammers coming soon!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

March 24th, 2011,
Hey guys and gals! So Samuel3546 wont be back until monday, HOWEVER, I have been doing alot since then.. I have added the MISC SCAMMERS...HELP!! page, This page is designed to help us help you help us,, If that makes sense.. Basically, We are starting to put out investigations out for you (the public) to see in hopes that you can provide more information..  we are really looking for PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!!!  among many other things,, you should know the basics of what we are looking for.. Please help SCAMBUSTERS expose more and more every day..Oh and I have a homework assignmenst for you topix people.. Please find out info on CERBRULASSASIN.. That will be your homework.. Well keep checking back, as we have ALOT coming as this site is growing.. THX!!!-Fyrestarter123

March 23rd, 2011,
well,  samuel3546 has taken a small hiatus for about 2 weeks, but I have been doing my research and I have found some interesting things about our old scammers and new information about our new scammer. His name is RICHARD P. LONGBOW.. We just posted him on to alert people, but WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!.. We need a picture of this guy, as well as his known screen names and emails.. Please contact us if you have any information..!!! I also posted a couple of REAL Nigerian 419 scams on the protect yourself page..Please check that out!!!

March 16th 2011,

well the fourth day, almost 70 views!!! But we still have a long way to go on this.. We still need many more submissions,, Our sincere gratitude goes out to those who have already helped scambusters, and I hope that more follow... We have only two scammers now, but like I said earlier, We hope to have 5 by the end of this week.. Lets all pitch in and make this site bigger and better.. ALSO, be sure to "like" us with the facebook feature,, and also drop a comment  and tell us what you think.. LETS KEEP THIS TRAIN MOVING!!!


March 15th 2011,

More progress has been made! the RESOURCES/LINKS page has been added, the PROTECT YOURSELF page has also been added.. MORE PAGES TO COME SOON!!! as it is known that this is SCAMBUSTERS' third day!!! We plan to have at least 5 scammers on our list by the end of the week!!!!,, Dont forget to sign up for the SCAMBUSTERS EMAIL LIST!!! (which will also be added by the end of the week). Were receiving alot of mixed reviews already, hope to see more!! Thanks for those who have helped out so far, and hope that many many more will also help out in the future....

March 14th 2011,

SCAMBUSTERS has added and completed the LEGALpage, the CONTRIBUTE page, the CONTACT page, and the NEWS page.. Our second day and we are REALLY busy adding information and building this website.. We have 5 more people to add, just another day or two and it will be up..!!! 34 views in one day!! we are very excited about the future..

March 13th 2011,

SCAMBUSTERS is officially founded.. Site index is established, as our very first scammer is added.. SCAMBUSTERS is ready to educate and inform the public of scams that steal your hard earned cash... Two moderators are officially added..Please welcome SAMUEL3546 and FYRESTARTER123 to the SCAMBUSTERS team!!! Site ready to go!!!